Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: secretly married?!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: secretly married?!

Isn’t it so weird how Miley Cyrus has actually been managing to lay low recently? Gone are the days of constant selfies and weed references on Instagram, it seems. Not too long ago, Miley was twerking her little heart out, singing songs about partying and wrecking balls and more partying, but now it really looks like she’s moved beyond all that.

These days, it sounds like she’s moving back to her country roots — both in terms of her music and her modesty. And, of course, she’s also back with her longtime love, Liam Hemsworth. At the risk of sounding a little bit ridiculous, their love story really is a little bit magical, isn’t it?

They met all the way back in 2009, when they filmed The Last Song together, and though they did have a few little breakups along the way, they were together until 2013. But then, sometime in 2016, they rekindled their romance. They got re-engaged, and this time around, they both seem a lot more settled in their relationship.

As hurtful as it may be to think about, it is possible and that’s because both Miley and Liam have been spotted recently with similar bands on their fingers. Over the weekend, Liam was photographed with Miley’s mother, Tish Cyrus, wearing a simple band on the ring finger of his left hand.

TMZ, the site that originally posted the photos of the rings, reports that a source close to Miley says “100% no,” they are not married. Another source elaborated a bit more to Hollywood Life.

According to that source, “everyone will know” when the wedding actually goes down.

“Liam sometimes wears a ring that Miley bought him as kind of a promise ring, but it’s definitely not official yet,” the insider continued.

“They haven’t even seriously started planning anything yet. Neither of them is in a particular hurry, as they’re both focused on their careers right now.”

We wish them all the best, of course, but considering their track record, this seems like a good course of action.



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