Mira Rajput’s classmate reveals shocking detail about her personality!

Mira Rajput’s classmate reveals shocking statement about her personality!

Since Shahid got married with an ordinary girl Mira Rajput, she is the talk of the town in Bollywood over anything she says or does. Recently she revealed her statement about how she feels being a mother on Women’s day, and now she is all over the headlines after this.

While very few have come out in support of her, there are plenty of them out there who have bashed her for making some offensive statements on working mothers and feminists. Not just the actor and actresses, but one of her college classmate came up with an open letter on Facebook showing her aggression on Mira’s statement about feminism.

Here’s what she has written in the letter:

“Dear Mira, Having watched your interview, I feel extremely enraged today. I’ve spent three years in the same college and batch as you. I can say today with confidence that your idea of feminism is extremely flawed. Seeing you walk around with your posse in college, belittling women who were not skinny enough or did not subscribe to your fashion ‘standards’ makes me wonder what you ever did to have a moral high ground over anyone at any point. Your narrow world view is astounding, to say the least. And not to forget, how your statement about working mothers takes us years back in reaching actual empowerment of which you seem to know nothing.

With lots of aggression, An informed feminist”

She also said that Mira was one of those snobbish, snooty girls in college who judged others by the kind of clothes they wore. Well I personally admire Mira Rajput being what she really is from heart and of speaking what she really feels like an ordinary girl.


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