Miss Veet Pakistan sets a new trend with the highest TRPs

Miss Veet Pakistan sets a new trend with the highest TRPs

Miss Veet Pakistan kick-started this year’s journey on 22nd October. Continuing its motive with the years’ old idea, Veet revamped the concept from ‘Miss Veet Supermodel’ to ‘Miss Veet Pakistan’.

With an experienced panel of judges including the gorgeous Aamina Sheikh, charming Aisha Khan, artistic Tapu Javeri, and Supermodel Fayezah Ansari; Miss Veet Pakistan is an epitome of the perfect show we expect it to be. Not to forget Azfar Rehman, his skills make him the most suitable choice as a host.

As expected, the very first episode, Karachi auditions managed to entice the viewers and impress everyone. The exuberant girls from all over Karachi and nearby cities came with a dream to impress the judges and get a golden pass for the second round. Portraying the model of perfect leadership and decision making, the judges finally decided their top 4 girls from Karachi and Lahore who will be travelling out of the country for “Round 2.”

Miss Veet Pakistan, apart from being an impressive display of talent, made its mark on the industry with only two episodes. Not only was it enjoyed and loved, but the TRPs of the show sky-rocketed and broke all records. Cherry on top, Miss Veet Pakistan even crossed the ratings of Pakistan’s most prestigious shows.

We can already expect the show to come with more thrill, more drama, and a chance for the girls to fulfill their dreams and become one step closer to “Miss Veet Pakistan”. We, sure, know that the show is going to set a new trend and will keep entertaining the viewers.


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