Momina Mustehsan all set to open about anxiety and depression

Momina Mustehsan all set to open about anxiety and depression

Momina Mustehsan came, become talk of the town and conquered Pakistani entertainment industry. The starlet has become no less than an inspiration for all the people who are devoted fans of Pakistani music. However, there was a setback with all the fame that she got as a songstress.

The singer who was working to gain the limelight since a very long time, finally got so much attention at the time she unexpected it the most. This is when her personal and professional life was put under microscope for scrutiny. It is humanly acceptable that she might have lost to all the attention. But, now she has come out loud and about as an encouragement to all those who are battling with depression.

In her Instagram post, the Afreen Afreen singer states:

“Have any of you ever had anxiety? Have you ever experienced depression? I know I have!”

All we can surmise is that Momina is set to help out those who are in need of it, while sharing her story. She just had to post this picture and fans started commenting on it in massive numbers with their stories, coming forward with their mental illness.

It also seems that she is pairing up with ace photographer Trupal Pandya for a photo shoot for her new initiative against depression and mental illness.

It is great to see a celebrity finally rising up against the most underdog and deteriorating disease of this country.


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