“Monday Blues” and ways to beat it


As the weekend winds down and you just realize that you are just a few hours away from Monday, exactly at that moment a lethargic sensation starts to kick in even before the start of a new week. there you go! you are officially feeling the “Monday Blues”. Coming from a fulfilling weekend and chilling vibes and then suddenly stepping into a workday can be demotivating. but it is supposed to be like this way, you can not escape the reality, my friend.

here are few ways to escape those Monday blues and get rid of these feelings

It is our eating and sleeping patterns that affect the first workday of the week because most of us tend to put a pause on our routine on Friday evening, since its weekend, we tend to sleep late and eat anything we like from late-night pizza’s to beverages at the middle of the night and who can deny the fact of eating halwa puri on Sunday morning. All these things disturb our routine which was set on workdays hence slight distortion in that can routine can cause Monday to feel overwhelming. well, that doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy your weekend, you are supposed to. but try to keep a balance and avoid extremes in order to get rid of those Monday blues.

The next tip is to disconnect from work. If you are constantly checking your emails and notifications from work and then you are setting yourself for burnout. you need to have clear boundaries between work and play. we suggest you turn off your email notification from Friday till Monday morning. since weekends are designed for you to relax and give time to your friends, family and most importantly yourself, hence start working on these boundries in order to avoid the sluggish feeling on Monday.

Your sleep cycle plays an important role in your mood and performance. Try keeping maintaining a sleep cycle that is close to your workday routine. for example try waking up one or 2 hours more than usual days and sleeping one or two hours late, not more than that. If you sleep late and miss out on those 7-9 hours of sleep then there are chances that you might feel tired on a workday. this certainly doesn’t mean that you sleep according to the workday schedule but yes try to keep a balance.

While coming from a weekend we are sure that you must have lined up a lot of things for Monday, all the presentations and meetings with clients. Here is the key, stop overpacking your Monday. It is a natural phenomenon that on Monday you will feel lazy, so why place everything on Monday. you have the whole week for it, schedule your meetings on those days. Also if you schedule your meeting or presentation on Monday, that means, you will be working on the weekend and that my friends will spoil the disconnection rule I discussed a while ago in the passages above.

Keep these tips in mind work on the next weekend regarding these tips. Remember it is just Monday, not a global pandemic that will halt everything at work. Long holidays are coming soon, kudos on that!



Usman Ghani

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