Mumbai Police Assures Security To Pakistani Artists In India

Mumbai Police Assures Security To Pakistani artists

The Mumbai police assures security to Pakistani artists by saying foreign artists holding valid documents need not to worry.
MNS Chitrapat Sena chief Ameya Khopkar told the media that there is anger against Pakistan after the attack in Uri on September 18.
“The MNS calls upon all Pakistanis working in Indian tele-serials, films and other shows to leave the country within 48 hours. If they fail to do so, we shall deal with them in our own style,” Mr Khopkar said.
The party further warned it would not allow the release of any Bollywood films that includes Pakistani actors, also the upcoming “Aye Dil Hai Muskhil” and “Raees” will be banned from Maharashtra. This order goes out to all the singers, actors and sportsperson, the party added.

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“We will provide adequate protection as and when required,” Joint Police Commissioner (Law and Order) Deven Bharti said following the MNS threat.
MNS Vice-President Shalini Thackeray said that MNS activists would go and stop the shooting of films or tele-serials with Pakistani actors after the deadline.
“This is not a veiled threat. This is a direct challenge to producers like Karan Johar who promote Pakistani artistes. We are writing to all production houses, asking them not to give work to Pakistani artistes,” Ms Thackeray said.
Another party Vice-President, Vageesh Saraswat, said the party had issued similar warnings in the past and always stuck by them.

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“Now, we have given them a specific deadline. Their countdown has begun. If they don’t pack up and leave in 48 hours, we shall chase them away,” Mr Saraswat declared.
Let’s see if Mumbai police can actually provide full security to our actors in India.


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