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New song ‘Balma Bhagora’ from Parey Hut Love will make you get up and dance

The music video for the quirky dance number Balma Bhagora from Parey Hut Love, featuring Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munawar, Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Butt just came out and it’s a fun-fest to say the least!

With a large number of melodies turning out each week, we have our hands full with some excellent and fun numbers. From the peppy Noori and Haaye Dil Bechara, to the soothing Bekaraan and Behka Na. We even have the decent amount of shaadi songs you can shake your leg to at a mehndi function, like Ik Pal and Addi Maar, and the most recent expansion to the list, Balma Bhagora is similarly as engaging as any!

With a thumping beat that makes you want to get up and dance, and Aima Baig’s incredible vocals that add the perfect spunk to the already amusing lyrics, the song hits all the right marks for the audience to love it!


Maya Ali’s moves stand out as she delivers just the right amount of expressions and thumka’s to the beat and the lyrics, and Sheheryar Munawar plays the player to perfection. Zara Noor Abbas also stands out, albeit like a sore thumb, owing to the styling. Although she looks gorgeous in her attire, it’s a bit of a misfit for the song, and she could’ve been styled better, even if it had to be a traditional ghararaensemble. Other than that, her moves and expressions are a treat to watch!

Although the song had been out for a while with the Parey Hut Love album, it’s sure to get the right amount of attention now with the music video that only adds to the overall entertainment quotient of the song. The video is unlike any other that’s been put out by the trove of local movies, and that too serves as a plus point.

Safe to say, we’re a fan of the whole Parey Hut Love soundtrack and there’s no two ways about it now! Watch it here:

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