Newyork To Karachi Maliha J.Khan

FHM: Tell us about your journey so far?
MJK: I started my journey with L’Oreal with eight years ago, now started my own brand and it has been Masha’Allah really great. It is my second year with my brand and Masha’Allah all the celebs that have come upon i’m really excited for a brighter future.

FHM: What inspired you to step into the field as a make-up artist?
MJK: When I worked for Lancome marketing department, I always wandered into their shoot department and I was always curious to see what was going on and the curiosity made me realize that I have a talent and I just needed some practice. So when their lead artist Emanuel was leaving for Opera, he asked me to take few classes from him and see where you go, so I did a few courses with him however they offered in L’Oreal and then when Emanuel left, I stepped in his position and left marketing and stepped into makeup.

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FHM: How does it feel to be recognized as an international make-up artist?
MJK: It feels great because I never thought I would be standing here, as everyone in my house used to say, “Oh! Maliha is hobby-less”. After doing my MBA I never thought I would leave a job out of a bank or marketing and work as a make-up artist.

FHM: How do you manage between local and international projects?
MJK: I have a team, and for international projects 99% of the time I fly out as everything is always pre-planned. Even when I was flying to Pakistan, I had to actually leave Preity Zinta’s shoot as I had my flight scheduled. For me it was one of those decisions cause I stick to my commitments and I told her I could send somebody but she was persistent on having me so it comes to a level where decisions have to be made and I believe whatever I commit to I stick to.

FHM: Have you been associated with any make-up brand?
MJK: I have launched my own foundation, Endless Beauty Studio that is mineral based and it is a 100% organic. It is made in the USA and it gives you that flawless hash-tag look and I should tell you that it is also 100% halal as its ingredients are all mineral and natural.

FHM: How is your experience so far in Pakistan?
MJK: I really enjoy my time here it’s a different clientele and desire. Then being wanted is a great feeling when I hear people say that they want Maliha J., it feels really good that they want me to make their special day more special.

FHM: Tell us about Endless Beauty Studio? Are you affiliated with other salons or make-up studios?
MJK: I started off really small as a freelance artist, after I left L’Oreal. I wanted to explore myself and then I realized that I had a lot of demand. With this supply and demond situation i decided to start my own brand. I had few people with me and we started picking up bigger projects. By luck, one day i got called by Nargis Fakir’s manager saying that she liked my work and wants to get her make-up done by you, would you be interested? To be honest, it all started from Facebook. It’s like from Facebook to website to celebrities and so on. Furthermore, I’m exclusively affiliated with Blush Salon by Hina Farid who happens to be my cousin and as a family, we decided to merge our brands.

FHM: Who was your first official celebrity you worked with?
MJK: My first official celebrity was Neha Sharma. Even though I really didn’t know who she was except that she was an Emraan Hashmi heroin. This is how one celebrity brings another celebrity and over time my talent was recognized everywhere and my brand grew bigger.

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FHM: What made you come-up with a Endless Beauty Studio foundation?
MJK: I always looked for the perfect foundation as we don’t want to look grey or chalky but we want that nice glowy look. In order to last that glowy look I wanted something different and it took me four years of research to find the formula with the help of a chemist for a perfect foundation. This foundation gives you a glow and lightens up your skin without having to look like you’re wearing makeup.

FHM: What makes Maliha J. Khan different from other make-up artists?
MJK: Everyone has a different specialization,mine is more skin. I believe in that beautiful dewy without looking oily finish look. That is why all the celebs come to me for this particular look. This look actually stays for eighteen hours so you can party till next day. Specially with desi weddings you dance like there is no tomorrow and you still want to look the same because the selfies happen after everyone is gone.

FHM: Do you have any special make-up technique?
MJK: I am really good with contouring. In contouring you’re supposed to go two shades darker than what you are and contour your cheek bones and your structure.  You have to make a structure not just throw lines and call it a structure. It is about blending, the proper blend to have that look that looks like you. I can sculpt my face to be as skinny as 90 pounds or as chubby as 140 pounds depending on how I contour my face.

FHM: Any message for your fans and aspiring make-up artists?
MJK: I believe if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Beauty is not just throwing makeup on your face it is about blending it properly so “believe in yourself and use proper tools”.

FHM: Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood?
MJK: Bollywood

FHM: Favourite Model (male and female)?
MJK: Imran Abbas & Mahwish Hayat

FHM: Favourite Actress?
MJK: Madhuri Dixit

FHM: Favourite Actor?
MJK: Sean Connery

FHM: Your Role Model?
MJK: My Father

FHM: Favourite make-up brand?
MJK: MAC products and Lancome Mascara

FHM: Your personal style statement?
MJK: I am trendy with a hint of edginess

FHM: Best Skin (male)?
MJK: Abhay Deol and Faisal Qureshi

FHM: Best Skin (female)?
MJK: Nargis Fakhri


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