Nicolas Cage feels he would be even “More Off The Rails” If he got to play The Joker!

We usually ignore actors when they talk about their dream superhero movie roles, because “wanting” isn’t the same as actually getting cast. But when Nicolas Cage says he wants to play the Joker, you pay attention. This casting idea is so perfect, we can’t believe it doesn’t come up more often.

Even though the actor recently told JoBlo that he thinks his superhero movie days are mostly behind him: “I’m on to other things,” he explained but there’s still a chance he’d return to the comic book world if the right role came along, one that he’s had his eyes on for a long time.

“I always thought I’d make a great Joker and I always thought that I would’ve been a good villain in one of the Marvel [movies] like Doctor Doom. But, Doctor Doom you have to wear that mask. I thought the story leading up to Doctor Doom could’ve been interesting. At this point if I was to go back into the format it would probably have to be as a villain.

Going back to the Joker, Cage agrees that it “would be the perfect” role for him because he could “go even more off the rails” than he normally does.

Warner Bros. has several Joker movies in the works, including a Harley/Joker spinoff with Jared Leto and a gritty 1980s-era origin story produced by Martin Scorsese. Joaquin Phoenix is in talks for the latter but hasn’t officially been confirmed yet. So there’s still time for Phoenix to realize how much he’ll hate going on a months-long superhero movie publicity tour and step aside so Nic Cage can replace him. Hey, we can dream.



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