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Nicole Kidman banned on son’s wedding by ex-husband Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise and his ex-wife’s son Conner, 24, is ready to tie the knot. However, what comes as a surprise is that reportedly Tom Cruise has banned ex-wife Nicole Kidman from the wedding.

According to The Sun, the Mission Impossible actor, forbade his son firmly about Kidman’s presence at his wedding and Connor, who is reported to “worship the ground his father walks on” followed his father’s directives.

Connor is a Scientologist just like his father and is getting married to his Italian girlfriend Silvia of the same faith as him and the actor.

Nicole and Tom adopted Isabella and Connor when they two were babies. During the 11 years of marriage, Nicole was an apt mom to the two adopted children during the early years of their childhood.

Nicole wasn’t also  invited to daughter Isabella’s wedding in 2015. However, to be fair, even Tom Cruise and the groom’s parents didn’t attend the wedding either as it was a quiet affair.

Although Nicole Kidman has maintained a dignified silence about the entire affair, however, it must be sad for a mom to be not invited to her child’s wedding.

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