Pakistan welcomes Sara Khan with open arms unlike India

Pakistan welcomes Sara Khan with open arms unlike India

Pakistan welcomes Sara Khan with open arms unlike India

Indian actress Sara Khan is currently shooting in Pakistan for her upcoming drama serial, but her parents in India are worried about her because of the current situation both the countries are facing.

Sara Khan speaks about how she is being treated in Pakistan. She stated, “My family is extremely concerned and I try to calm them down all the time. There’s nothing to worry about. In fact, my Pakistani colleagues go out of their way to make me feel safe. People here are warm and hospitable. I will be home on October 6.”

While speaking about the current situation of both the countries, she told, “It’s disturbing to see so much tension between the two countries. People here are praying that the unrest ends soon. Whenever something like this (terror attack) happens, Pakistanis fear that they will be blamed for it.”

Further, she stated, “Pakistanis appreciate our culture and want to travel to India. They also inquire if they will be treated well when they come here. I tell them that Indians welcome everyone as we believe in atithi devo bhava. Pakistanis want to be friends.”

Hope after her statements, Indians will understand that we know exactly how to welcome guests in our home! India, we expect the same treatment from you when our artists visit your country.


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