Pakistani girl shares screenshots of being harrassed by Indians in ‘Ludo Star’

Ludo Star, the new emerging online game has gained everyone’s attention and people are going crazy after it.

But we never knew that this game would be the reason of girls being harrassed online. This game was launched back in June and since then we heard news of girls being harrassed by men while playing this game. Few of the girls even shared screenshots on social media. Have a look:

Recently, another Pakistani girl shared series of screenshots of being harrassed while playing games but this time the men were Indians.

These were the screenshots shared by the girl:

The language which these men are using shows how frustrated they are. I just don’t get one thing what these men are getting in return from doing such things. What pleasure are they actually getting?

To all those who don’t know about this game. let me tell you that you can play this game online by conncecting it to your Facebook account. You can play with your Facebook friends or from people around the globe who are currently online and have downloaded the game. While playing you can actually chat with each other.

You can also block some people who abuse you or harrass you.

Social media is the best place to raise your voice. If anyone of you are facing same situation. You can inbox us the screenshots along with the person’s profile details and we will expose them in every way possible.


Yumna Tirmizi

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