Pakistani model ‘Diya Ali’ expected to be the next Miss World?

Pakistani model Madeeha Naseer also known as Diya Ali is all set to make her dream come true, and to become the first Pakistani Miss World.

But, the question is who is she and where did she even come from?

The surprising part is, no one is even aware of her achievements nor her existence, until now.

The model claims that she is one of the winners in Miss Asia Pacific International.

It puzzled me a bit that there are no evidences to prove her claims of winning international pageants, apart from the fact that she had indeed represented Pakistan in Miss Asia Pacific International 2016.

However, the model is all set for her biggest international stint, Miss World, and neither the Pakistani media nor citizens know about her, let alone international spectators.

“It is an honour to represent Pakistan in a contest where so many beautiful women will compete with each other. Although I have no cooperation from the government and my modelling journey could be short-lived, I am excited to be nominated.” The model said.

According to Madeeha she has won big at ‘Face of Arabia’ and ‘Miss Asia Pacific International” beauty contests and dreams to represent Pakistan in Miss World 2017, but no evidence of her ‘big wins’ can be traced. The lady also claims that she has rejected Hollywood offers for now but later she wishes to work in American films.

On the other hand, the aspiring “Miss World to be” admits that apart from her family and friends there was no one to support her, not even the Government, this might also be the reason for her anonymity.

Lastly, she does not forget to talk about the culture of her country and says, “I am thankful to my friends and family for supporting me. Representing Pakistan on an international level is a bold move for any model but I promise the people of my country that I will never do anything that goes against our culture. I am confident I will earn another honour for Pakistan.”

What happens next, is expected to be confirmed by the model herself.

We wish her all the best. You go girl!


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