Priyanka Chopra waits for the time of Azaan

Priyanka Chopra waits for the time of Azaan

With the recent controversy lit up by Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, something that came out from the past has just made its way to “digitally viral.” In an old clip that has emerged again, Bollywood Diva Priyanka Chopra was seen addressing to the press where she expressed the best moment of her day.

Apparently, the famous actress was found proclaiming that the time she waits eagerly for is the sound of Azaan, while resting on her hotel room’s terrace daily before sunset after a tiring day of shoot.

“After pack-up when I sit on the terrace in the evening, I can hear Azaan from at least six mosques,” she said.

“I never miss the chance to listen to it daily as there is a certain beauty in it,” she said.

“I really like those five minutes,” she said, adding that it’s her favourite time of the day.

Recently, she won her second People’s Choice Award for Favourite Dramatic TV Actress in Quantico.


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