Ram Gopal Varma interviews Amitabh, calls him world’s biggest liar

Ram Gopal Varma interviews Amitabh, calls him world’s biggest liar

You all must be thinking how can a director like Ram Gopal Varma call Amitabh Bachchan a liar? Well, that is actually true. Ram Gopal Varma has shared four promo videos on his Twitter account and while going by these four, short promos, one can see Ram Gopal Varma interviewing Amitabh and asking him questions that nobody has ever dared to ask him.

Ram Gopal Varma and Amitabh enter a dark theatre and this is when Ram Gopal asks Big B, “Sarkar, do you think there will ever be another Bachchan.” To which Amitabh says, ” I don’t know why people think like that.” Ram throws another bouncers and asks, “What’s exactly a Bachchan?”


In the second promo, Ram and Big B just become more intense when Ramu says, “There is this sort of conversation going on that Bachchan is no longer valid.” To this, Big B says, “I can’t debate somebody’s personal opinion.” What comes next will take you by surprise. And we suggest, you watch it for yourself. Ram didn’t shy away from saying, ” I am not asking a question. I am giving you my answer. I am bored of your modesty.”

Ramu goes on to say that Abhishek thinks that Amitabh looks younger in Sarkar 3 than in Sarkar. Amitabh replies with a smile and says, “Yeah. That’s because he is my son.”


The fourth promo video ends with Ramu saying, “And the award for greatest liar goes to Amitabh Bachchan.”

The entire interview will come out on May 8. Ramu shared the same on Twitter and said, “1st time ever I turned a journalist and 1st time ever a film director interviewed Bachchan. 1st time ever a film director interviewed Bachchan ..full interview 8th may 11 am.”


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