Reham plans to reveal the truth about Imran Khan!

Reham plans to reveal the truth about Imran Khan!

It was shocking for all of us when we came to know about Imran Khan and Reham’s divorce; just after 10 months of marriage. Soon after getting divorce everyone accused her as being a westernized fame hunter who disgraced Imran with her strong political opinions.

However, now Reham, is ready to deliver  her own say. According to Sebastian Shakespeare, “Reham is writing an explosive book to tell what she sees as the ‘truth’ about Imran, who was previously married to Jemima Goldsmith.”

‘She doesn’t believe that the world knows the real Imran,’ one of Reham’s friends told Sebastian. ‘She has taken a lot of unfair abuse. Reham wants to write this book and stand up for all the women of the world who have been silenced.’

We just have to wait for the book to get publicized, then only we can know as to what truth Reham is actually talking about.


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