Road OF Death

The title seems as though a Hollywood film name however it isn’t. Some place on earth, there is a road perceived as the” road of dead bodies”. Neither one of the its is a result of any force of plague nor it is a result of psychological militants, criminals, and looters. In any case, it is a direct result of a thruway with a solitary path. A road that interfaces Baluchistan to Sindh is as yet one way. Where every day, right around five or six mishaps happen and push honest spirits towards death.

Without a doubt, roads assume a crucial part in associating various urban communities. They are the greatest wellsprings of transportation and the helpful method to import and fare products inside a country. A road that is a piece of the Main R.C.D road is as yet one way from Karachi to Quetta. Because of this executioner parkway, individuals are losing their lives more in contrast with psychological oppressor assaults across the area. An expected 4,000 individuals have surrendered to death in the mishaps that happened on this road.

This single-line parkway nearly associates ten significant urban communities in Balochistan. Shockingly 800 mishaps were seen keep going year on this destructive road.

All things considered, many guarantees have been made by the Government of Balochistan with respect to the foundation of a double carriage from Karachi to Quetta. However nothing has been done basically. Finally, it is my modest solicitation to the concerned specialists to fabricate a double carriage from Karachi to Quetta and save more lives from being its casualty.

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