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Here is how you can recreate Deepika Padukone’s bridal look!

Long gone are the days where brides would look like mannequins slapped on with layers and layers of products. This is the era of flawless natural make-up and who other than Deepika can we take inspiration from for bridal makeup?

Before we get to the details there are a couple of things every bride should do before the big day. Start incorporating citrus fruits and water in your diet. Stay hydrated and eat clean. Moisture your skin well and quench the thirst of your skin with vitamin loaded serums and products.

The first step is to be well-aware of the color of your bridal outfit. If the outfit is of metallic colors, then pick a shade from the outfit and revolve your eyeshadow around that only. If your outfit is red or maroon, same lip color will be a disaster! Study the embellishments, embroidery and jewelry in detail. Your face structure also plays a vital role. For the makeup artist your face is like a canvas and it’s your job to tell them what you want and their job to deliver that after a thorough consultation.

The colors of your outfit should suit your skin tone and there should be comfort. You must be able to breathe, move and enjoy rather than sitting at a place and smiling painfully. Metallic hues are always timeless and a safe option.

To achieve the makeup look as of Deepika start off with prepping the skin really well and opting for a velvety foundation, nothing can beat NARS foundation in that area. Apply a creamy concealer under the eyes and lock it with translucent power- we all know Laura Mercier Translucent powder is the king of all! Apply warm shade on the cheeks, I personally think Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush will achieve that goal. Deepika always has sharp contouring done, ditch that instead opt for a bronzer to define your cheekbones. Start filling your eyebrows because they truly frame or break the face. Notice how Deepika has heavy kajal applied in her eyes Lakme eye conic Kajal steps up the game. For a smokey eye like her, the key is blending. Too faced chocolate bar palette is super pigmented and will bring our the Deepo in you. Invest in good curling lashes and apply mascara that will give you a dramatic look. Keep applying mascara till your lashes have that defined look. Swipe a cool toned nude lip color like the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Very Victoria to perfect the look.

We have gathered below a kit you’d need to recreate Deepika’s look on your own.



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