Saima Noor’s ‘Bhai Wanted’ is all set to release this September

Saima Noor's 'Bhai Wanted' is all set to release this July

Syed Noor’s film was rumored to have gone on-floors since 2013; but now, it seems like the project is all under wraps and is all set to release on September 22, 2017.

The film that earlier starred Shaan Shahid as its lead, is now coming out with his contemporary, Moammar Rana alongside Noor’s wife.

 According to the Noor, “Bhai Wanted is a crime-thriller that focuses on the life of runaway criminals, escaping the law. The story is based on a period of 16-days and will be an intriguing film with all its masala catering to the masses.”

The cast of the entire film includes Khurram Patras, Nadeem, Saima and Yasin Khan. It is An item song by Mathira is also expected to be in the film.


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