This salad is for all those people who hate SALAD!

This salad is for all those people who hate SALAD!

Most of us can’t even digest the idea of eating healthy and all-greens. However, sometimes it is inevitable to have that giant, bulky bowl of natural and organic ingredients to eat. Because, we all want to eat nutritious every now and then, don’t we? But, you might not have to endure that pain any longer because Kelsey Darragh of Buzzfeed International fame has come up with a plan to solve your Salad blues and believe me, this solution is the most hilarious you can ever find:

This salad not only contains a swarm of healthy and essential eatables, but it is fun to make and even more fun to eat. Therefore, the next time you crave for something healthy yet light and novice, just dig into this bowl full of nutrition and a SALAD you have eaten never before.


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