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Salma Hayek accuses Donald Trump, because . . .

50-year-old actress, Salma Hayek, opened up about Donald Trump at a Spanish-based interview on a radio channel, in Los Angeles on Friday. The actress claimed that Donald Trump plotted a story about her in the ‘National Enquirer’, after she refused to date him.

“When I met that man, I had a boyfriend, and he tried to become his friend to get my home telephone number.” She said that she had met the presidential electorate early in her career. She further said“He got my number and he would call me to invite me out.”

“When I told him I wouldn’t go out with him even if I didn’t have a boyfriend, [which he took as disrespectful], he called — well, he wouldn’t say he called, but someone told the National Enquirer,” Salma continued.

“Someone told the National Enquirer — I’m not going to say who, because you know that whatever he wants to come out comes out in the National Enquirer.It said that he wouldn’t go out with me because I was too short,” she added.

“Later, he called and left me a message. ‘Can you believe this? Who would say this? I don’t want people to think this about you,'” she said. “He thought that I would try to go out with him so people wouldn’t think that’s why he wouldn’t go out with me.”

This is not for the first time that the actress has accused Trump. Previously, she called out the Republican nominee on Twitter, after he confused 9/11 and 7-Eleven during a campaign speech in April.

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