Sohai has signed Fahim’s second cinematic directorial

Sohai has signed onto Fahim’s second cinematic directorial

Fahim Burney’s film is a second cinematic directorial titled Love, London, Sialkot.

“It’s a light-hearted film. I feel we don’t yet have stars that have enough cinematic pull, hence we can’t experiment with serious genres at this stage,” Burney says.

“For the time being at least, we need entertaining films that appeal to a maximum number of people. I feel venturing into other subjects is not workable for now; people wouldn’t want to have the same stories on the big screens as the ones they watch at their homes. If one needs to create awareness or educate, television is the perfect medium for that.”

Love, London, Sialkot is about a wedding that takes place in Sialkot. Pakistanis living in Britain fly in to attend the affair and have to deal with day-to-day household crises.

Sohai, who plays the bride’s sister in the film, will be seen as an ambitious Punjabi girl in the film.


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