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The most iconic Pakistani songs that would take you back in the 90’s.

Pakistan’s music industry came up with the most talented artists, bands and classic music of all time. These melodies still cannot be forgotten as they have always mesmerized everyone. Some of these classic, pop-rock songs are surely evergreen and are still being followed by the upcoming musicians and artists. Some have seriously worked on to make overwhelming remakes of these melodies and they just take you back in the ’90s.

These classic songs of the old times will definitely take you down the memory lane. Here is a list of few.

  • Mera Pyaar – Amir Zaki

Mera Pyar was a really emotional and a hit single of its time. This song by Amir Zaki (late) remains evergreen in our hearts.

  • Sar kiye ye pahar- Strings

Strings is one of the most active and evergreen pop-rock bands from the 90s and still produces mesmerizing music just like it did before. Sar kiye ye pahar still rejuvenates the memory lane.

  • Purani Jeans – Ali Haider

If you are a 90s kid you will not only love this song still but will also relate to it. The lyrics of this song are really heart-touching and emotional as he remembers his golden days of his fun-filled life throughout the song which we all can relate to.

  • Aitebaar – Vital Signs

Aitebar was the third album of the Pakistani band, Vital Signs. This song remains still young, heartwarming and evergreen in our hearts just like Junaid Jamshed (late) himself.


  • Sayonee – Junoon

Sayonee composed by Junoon is famous for its rock music. This still is the most iconic classic from the album Azadi by Junoon.

  • Manwa Re – Noori

This popular hit was produced by Noori the lyrics of which hit us right in the feels. The song highlights the reason why Pakistani bands and music are still considered the best. Recently, Noori produced an Acapella version of this song too.


  • Khamaj – Fusion

This song by Fusion was one of the most hit sad songs of the old times. The lyrics are beautifully worded and the rhythm still overwhelms the listener. This song is a whole mood.

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