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This International YouTuber is currently in Pakistan and changing the game

Everyone loves to watch YouTube travel videos just like all of us and think that one day we will travel to the same places like this person. Nevertheless, few of us actually get a chance to do so as well.

What we really think is that will this person ever visit our country? Will Pakistan ever be topping the tourist list?

The image of western media has created shows opposite of what Pakistan is; shows like homeland portray us like a warhead zone, chaos, a terrorist state. However, we are far beyond this and finally Pakistan’s image is changing. More tourist are engaging in exploring the country and frequently visiting the states. Due to this, people have come to know Pakistan and its people, how welcoming and peace loving this country is. However, some have even quoted Pakistan as one of the most beautiful and peaceful country, but its culture, food and landscape are worth visiting for.

Recently what garbed my eye, A U.S born Travel YouTuber Drew Binky who has travelled 162 countries, He is Jewish and has travelled the most Muslim countries anyone and currently in Pakistan. Before coming to Pakistan, he posted a video on his Facebook account informing people about his views and what comments he gets from people around the world regarding his visit. Some of the comments are:

‘’Watch out for terrorist’’ Why would you ever want to go there?!” ‘’ You are going to die ‘’

However, he still traveled all the way to Pakistan and is enjoying his time, he stated in his post ‘’ I have been in Pakistan almost a week already, and there has not been one instance where I felt unsafe. The people are incredibly warm and hospitable, and they will literally break their back to make sure that I am enjoying myself in their country.’’  ‘’ I have never experienced this kind of hospitality in my life.’’

He recently visited Peshawar and quoted:

His perception and image shown by western media has totally changed ever since he stepped into our loving ‘Homeland’. The colorful culture, heritage, hospitable nature of our people and going beyond ways to make our guest feel at ease is the real image of Pakistan. Currently he is visiting Pakistan occupied  Kashmir.

He currently posted three videos on his social media accounts and is completed shocked, because his experience is beyond his expectations. He is not just visiting but also sending a positive message to the world and promoting its tourism.

After PSL it is clear as water Pakistan is peaceful and we can host and provide security to our guest, its save for tourism and exploration with uncountable places to visit and pure natural sceneries incomparable to any other.

In addition, to promote it we should first explore and highlight our country on the media forum to add our cent of contribution in development of tourism sector.


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