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Is Trackable clothing the next trend?

Since the introduction of artificial intelligence everything seems to be under the influence of technology. How would you respond if you got to know that your clothes have a tracking device and all of your moves are being monitored?

Well, we are wondering too…

Tommy Hilfiger has expanded its Tommy Jeans line and has added a tech-focused sub-division called Tommy Jeans Xplore. Each hoodie, accessory or denim will be embedded with Awear Solutions’ Bluetooth low-energy smart tag, connecting the product to an iOS app, which acts as an incentivised point platform.

To increase usage of their tech infused clothes they have set rewards for the consumers. They will be awarded gift cards, discount codes, concert tickets and exclusive brand events for wearing the Xplore products.

Is it a bribe for wearing their clothes?

However, you can protect your privacy as the customers have the leverage to turn off the tracking device through the app. Although, they will be stripped off the rewards temporarily but it seems like a fair deal!

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