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Here is why ‘Churails’ Needs to be on Everyone’s Must-Watch List!

A 10-episodes web series all set to release on Zee5 Global on 11th August, Churails has created quite the hype over it and definitely well-deserved. As supernatural-y as the title sounds, the thriller points a lot of fingers at the patriarchy (which is definitely scarier than any supernatural beings, in our opinion).

Churails follows the story revolving around four women – a lawyer, a wedding planner, an ex-convict, and a young professional boxer reeling from personal miseries, who decide to open a detective agency under a pretext of a hijab boutique. The purpose of it is to help the women suffering at the hands of misogynists in their city. Being Asim Abassi’s direction and bringing together a talented cast for a power-packed narrative, Churails is currently number one on our must-watch list.

A thought-provoking idea toned down with humor will raise a lot of questions. Churails is a series of its kind. It’s hard to give it a genre, but safe to say it’s more of a thriller. This endeavor is bound to develop the taste of the local viewers. It is somehow relatable to the masses as the story seems to have many hidden layers. We can see how they have tried to keep the message strong and out-there, no subtlety, no hiding behind traditional narratives, no hushed voices – just women asking for their rights and beating the deep-rooted misogyny with a lot of sass.

Another thing that goes without saying is that such content would pave the way for a million new opportunities and appeal global platforms to the Pakistani entertainment scene. Hopefully, this narrative would open a few minds, make others stand up for themselves, and promote the sense of basic humanity that we are currently lacking. This Zindagi original series is set to stream on its global platform to the world – so there’s no reason we wouldn’t be watching it! Watch the trailer now to get a glimpse into the madness that is about to unravel.

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