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“Inspector, What are you wearing?” Release ‘Money Hiest’ season 4, Stephen King asks Netflix

King of Horror genre, Stephen King tweeted Netflix to bring Money Hiest season 4. 

He is known for his famous Hollywood movies which includes; The Shawshank Redemption and The Mist, has already became a renowned follower of the Netflix’s top series ‘Money Hiest’. He has been tweeting frequently since this series had begun. As season 3 ended and left everyone in curiosity on what happens next? Stephen King tweets behalf of all the fan:

His curiosity didn’t let him stay here as lately, he further tweeted:


Money Hiest made the record of more 34M households tuning in for Part 3, this is the largest first-week global household turnout for a non-English-language Netflix series.Over 70% finished the entire season in the initial 7 days.

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