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Jazz with Esra, stepped up the game by beating itself for the No.1 position with its Super4G!

Yet again, Jazz sticks to its legacy of being the No.1 network in Pakistan with its ‘Jazz Super 4G’ stepping up the game for the other networks out there! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Jazz’s Super 4G has lead itself far ahead from the rest.

Well, not only does Jazz itself but the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reported Jazz being No.1 with the largest number of subscribers in Pakistan.

63+ Million Subscribers!

Not only that but Jazz has won 4 consecutive Ookla Speedtest Awards providing the best and fastest data network for social media. Well there’s no doubt that Jazz has surely deserved all of this for the unbreakable service it provides, especially when it comes to 4G and now Super 4G!

Jazz never seems to come slow when it comes to celebrations! So to top it, the No.1 network initiated a campaign with the No.1 star on Netflix – none other than Ertugrul starred, the beautiful Esra Bilgic.

Coming to talk about the commercial, it focuses on the difference of the ‘good’ and ‘great’, which being the market lead today – Jazz!  But it’s not all about the numbers, the commercial lights up the superiority of Jazz Super 4G service, aiming to bring out the best of every individual by equipping them with the supremacy of the best network. This brings out the fact of Jazz’s superiority over other networks and the existence of Jazz Super 4G being the epitome of ‘great’, associating itself with those who lead the way for others to follow.

The ad campaign shows the difference between the ‘good’ 4G networks and the ‘great’ Jazz Super 4G with the use of remotely flown drones to futuristic VR gaming, highlighting data usage like never before. The commercial wants to inspire its viewers to aim for higher goals for as with Jazz Super 4G one has the means to become a SUPER version of oneself!

But we can never forget the hype created on social media when starting the ad campaign with a mere tweet from the Turkish beauty, Esra Bilgic on July 27th. The Ertugrul starlet took to Twitter to tweet: “I found my no.1 in Pakistan”, leaving social media in frenzy. It quickly became the most trending topic where everyone came up with their opinions and shared what possibly could Esra be referring to. The entire nation waited patiently for the Turkish beauty to reveal who truly her no.1 was! And finally Jazz Super 4G came to reveal who really Esra’s no.1 was by announcing a partnership with the Turkish actress.

But that was not all to end so quickly, Esra came back and wooed her Pakistani fans by a sweet gesture courtesy of JazzxEsra on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. She gracefully charmed her way into everyone’s hearts wishing everyone a heartiest Eid greeting, moreover dressed in an eastern attire that once again took over the world of social media. Her look became the talk of the town with influencers and bloggers trending the look with #EsrasJazzLookChallenge after which designers started re-creating Esra’s Eid look from her Eid message video for their customers. Nonetheless, all this created quite the buzz across Instagram and other networking sites, where once again Jazz ruled being the No.1 network in town. The rest is history!

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