Tum Hee Ho song Mahiya’s teaser has released & Pakistani cinema is back to where it started

Tum Hee Ho song's Mahiya teaser has just released and we are literally wishing it wasn't!

The upcoming Pakistani cinematic production ‘Tum Hee Ho’ by Geo films and Sangeeta Film Production has already been making waves for all the wrong reasons. Starring Danish Taimoor and Mathira, first the trailer of the movie hogged the limelight and now the teaser of its upcoming song ‘Mahiya’ is catering negative comments from audience. See to know what the fuss is all about:

Mathira is what we expected from her in the trailer, however what happened to Danish Taimoor needs an extensive research. It is miserable to see Pakistani film makers stopping so low in order to gain eye view and ratings and what for? These item songs are good for nothing and we can already guarantee the future of this film.

After watching the trailer, all I could think of is that this song is taking the revival phase of Pakistani cinema to years back. Back then we would have expected that film makers are trying to garner audience by promoting vulgarity and obscenity, however I might say that we have crossed that phase with a greater margin.

What makes one cringe is absolutely pathetic scene setting, pitiful choreography, horrible expressions, and puke-worthy dance and surroundings. We still can’t latch on to the reason as to why Danish Taimoor being one of the most successful and handsome Pakistani actors could agree to work on a third-grade movie.

Tum Hee Ho will be released on 14th April 2017.


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