Two-Times Winner Of Lux Style Award Wants To Leave The World Of Entertainment

Pakistani model and actress wishes to leave the world Showbiz behind.

The desire to do something other than entertain, something that satisfies my spiritual side, has been growing in me over the past few years. And I’m afraid I can’t ignore it any longer,” said Rabia Butt

Five years ago, she lost her mother and it’s only now that she’s coming to terms with the shock and grief that followed. The unexpected death thrusted the model to leave the world of Showbiz behind, who was slowly climbing her way to the top of the modelling industry.

Truth be told, I never wanted to act and even wanted to quit modeling,” she added, “My heart and mind are always in a conflict. When my mind wins, I work and when my heart does, I don’t. I think I will do a few more projects and then stop.


Fareeha Imdad

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