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Grammy Awards Will Have Grammy Cams.


The 58th The Annual Grammy Awards is set to take place next week. And this time the team came up with some unique idea. The awards themselves, those iconic golden-horned record players, will have cameras built in to their bases. Footage will be streamed online to Grammy Live, where viewers can watch along the winner’s perspective.

It will stream footage as the winners come on stage to collect them and take them back to their seats. In this way people can see the close-up shots on Grammy Live.


Winners will return their high-tech sculptures at the end of the night, to be replaced by a more standard block of wood and gold-plated zinc. Even if some celebrity did try to take theirs back to their home, the battery would likely die before they got through the security gates. Each camera is battery-powered, so the battery will die after 3 hours. That’s enough to record the entire event from red-carpet to when the final award is announced.

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards will air on Monday February 15 at 8 PM ET. Grammy Live’s broadcast will begin five hours before the ceremony.

That’s definitely a great and a different move. We are looking forward to the event where we could see some funny and memorable moments from the GoPro cameras.

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