Will there be a definite return of Bad Boys 3?

In a far reaching meeting on BBC Radio 1 about Concussion,Independence Day: Resurgence, and Idris Elba being the main dark James Bond, Will Smith told host A.Dot that, in the wake of meeting with Martin Lawrence without precedent for years, he can say that Bad Boys 3 is “unquestionably” in transit.

“I saw Martin a couple of weeks back,” Smith said. “I haven’t seen him for around two years. We just took a gander at one another. We embraced. At that point, we knew we were making anotherBad Boys. We’re certainly doing another.”

Obviously, this is the principal positive word on the film to turn out in some time, and Smith’s announcement doesn’t mean fans can anticipate that the third film will turn out in a couple of years’ chance. Still, it’s energizing to know both he and Lawrence are up to the assignment. Lamentably, theSuicide Squad star did to express that Wild West 2 is not going to happen.


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