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Skype-The new platform for cyber crime

Skype-The new platform for cyber crime

The use of online social networks like Facebook continues to increase rapidly among all age groups and segments of our society, presenting new opportunities for the exchange of sexual information as well as for potentially unsafe encounters between predators and the vulnerable or young.

This story is of a guy (who is not to be named) got played on a Skype video. It was one of those usual nights he was scrolling through his Facebook when he received a message in his box, along with a friend request from a random girl he did not know, seeing a credible Facebook account along with a very ‘steaming’ profile picture. The two began talking like every other person these days do; the conversation went on for half an hour.

The conversation went from Facebook to Skype and one thing lead to another. The girl told him she was feeling horny and since they were strangers, the guy thought it would be one of his best nights, both of them got into an awkward situation having their web came switched on.

As per the guy’s demand the girl did whatever he asked. The act lasted for as long as the guy enjoyed it. After a while they started talking on Skype chat to which the girl asked about his family and business.

The next day when the whole ordeal ended he received an inbox claiming that he had video of him that could ruin his life. He ignored the message at first but later received another link of the video uploaded to a drop box website. The scammer told him that if he did not send $500 dollars within 3 days, he would send the video to all his family and friends. Since the guy had lied to the girl about his business, he knew he was in trouble. Accepting humility the guy uploaded a status for his friends and family accepting his mistake and requesting them not to open any video link if it involved him.

The internet is an integral part of the daily life for many of us, permeating our work, home and social lives. The more time we spend online, the more personal information we share, and there are dishonest people out there who may attempt to use your data for their own purpose. So do not add strangers to your Facebook profile. Do not communicate with them beyond small talk- Who knows you might be the next in the list.

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