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Top 10 Home Remedies

If you’re suffering from Nausea, common cold, Asthma, insomnia, depression, hypertension,migraine, arthritis pain, infertility and menstrual cramps, these top 10 home remedies are your solution to the problems.


  • Stomach and Duodenum foot reflexes for Nausea

number 1

  • Sinus reflexes for Common Cold

number 2

  • Lung reflexes for Asthma

number 3

  • Diaphragm reflexes for Insomnia

number 4

  • Brain reflexes for Depression

number 5

  • Lung reflexes for Hypertension

number 6

  • Thumb walking along the spinal reflex for Migraine

number 7

  • Shoulder reflexes for Arthritis pain

number 9

  • Ovary/Testicle reflexes for Infertility

number 10

  • Uterus reflex for Menstrual Cramps

number 11


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