Pakistan’s Fashion Industry


As the time is passing Pakistan’s Fashion Industry is rapidly growing these days. In the year 2004 the interest rate of our industry was the highest and since then people started to incline more towards it and make the best business out of it. Our industry has improved a lot from the year 2005 and by every passing year the talent is rising and the fashion shows are coming up with bigger and better ideas. The number of financial, media and in-kind sponsors our fashion shows like Pakistan Fashion week (PFCW), Bridal Couture week (BCW) and etc is improvising the industry more. In the educational record there’s no doubt that the fashion education is now one of the leading programs in Pakistan too.

From 2007 the promotions of Pakistani fashion shows are done at best through digital, print and social media because this industry has a lot of business in it and everyone is somehow earning a good sum of money from their investment in the industry as whole. It’s good to see that how it’s giving our society an awareness about how to carry and feel good about themselves but at the same time we see that the dresses that are displayed in Fashion shows (specifically) sometimes can’t be worn normally in our society. This industry is becoming an important aspect of our economy due to its export potential worldwide and by participating in international fashion shows our designers are also well known in international market which also helps to set a very positive and healthy impression of Pakistan, globally.

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Photography by: © Fahhad Rajper at FPW’15 (Source: Exclusive FHM Pakistan)

Today we stand with 79% industrial growth rate which is one of the largest in the world. It has clearly become a business platform for everyone and there’s nothing bad about it as far as it’s profiting and promoting our country’s talent in international market.


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