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Why Jhalak Dikhkla Ja’s Crew Is upset with Jacqueline Fernandez?

Jacqueline has already become the most favorite judge amongst the contestants but it seems that the crew members of the show doesn’t like her because of her careless attitude.


Acoording to them,”Jacqueline is becoming a pain for us. Her fellow judges and celebrity dancers may be okay with her taking 2-hour long breaks in between the shoot, but we are not. We work round the clock so that we can wind up work fast and take some rest. But because of Jacqueline, we get delayed. We waste a lot of time waiting for her to resume the shoot. Also, what are such long breaks for? Apart from a lunch break, we take small, half-hour breaks at least three times. How much more time do you want? It is a big issue, but who cares about crew members like us?”

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