Another Pakistani romantic–drama film directed by Anjum Shahzad, produced by Rafiq Ahmed Chaudary and Fahmeeda Abdull Khaliq, written by Abdull Khaaliq Khan. The film’s cast includes Pakistani Television stars Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan in the lead roles, whereas this amazing born kid star, Jibraiyl Ahmed has made the audience go crying in the interval.


The plot goes around our society, where two individuals, Zain and Maira, from two absolute different perspectives come close together, get married and end up fighting for the custody of their only son, Dodo. In the love to make their dreams come true, they forget themselves and the love they had in between. The songs were absolutely mesmerizing and located at the right positions. Art direction, cinematography, even choreography and action sequences it has all the elements that it takes to give a big hit and unforgettable among the masses.


ZKHH is a must watch, a treat to eyes of cinema goers. It is an emotional roller coaster that tackles the themes of love, life, suffering and passion as the two protagonists try to find a way ahead.

FHM Pakistan wishes the cast and crew and other associates of ZKHH, a great success at the box office.

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