Let’s all understand ‘feminism’ as world celebrate “Women” !

Let's all understand 'feminism' as world celebrate "Women" !

What resonates your mind when you hear the word feminism? A prejudicial movement by elite ladies around the world to find their own sense of freedom? Or the never-ending, ever-raging debate of women to stand as par men? Whatever may come in your mind, the term has been misunderstood, misinterpretate, and mistaken to even the tiniest bit of the reality. So, as world celebrate women, let’s understand what this feminism is actually about!

Feminism is when your daughter is born, you hold her and scream with joy that you have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, capable of leading your coming generation. Feminism is when you decide alongside your daughter which sports team should she opt for. Feminism is when you stand alongside your wife when preparing the table for dinner or washing the dishes late at night. Feminism is when you allow your wife to leave home everyday and chase every dream she wished of chasing before her marriage. Feminism is when you, yourself let your sister decide which university should she choose to study abroad or the guy she likes is worthy enough of being married with or not.

This isn’t it, this is just the trivial interpretation of what feminism is, what feminism is intended to be or what feminism could be. Its not in everyday bantering that women want to be superior, it is in just the little things that women around the world have been opted out of or completely ignored.

You need to hear the truth! No, feminism doesn’t demand women to be given a bigger piece of cake. But, if you decide to divide that cake, feminism demands equal share be given to women, as that of men. It is when girls don’t drop out of sports teams due to guys finding them muscly or their parents are worried about their horrid representation of woman gone wrong!

Its about time we perceive what the ideal notion of society we want this world to be. Women should be considered as strong, same as men should be given the chance to be sensitive. Women should be given the opportunity to stand 50, when men amounts to 50 in number.

Still hate the word Feminism? Move out from the stereotypical representation of a word and look into a far better perspective of the reality it offers. Because in the end, it is the mere existence of these genders that keeps the world going.

Think before its too late!


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