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Ushna Shah raises voice & slam trolls against ‘We are proud of you’ girl

One of the leading Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has finally taken her stance to Facebook, against the trolls and memes that made fun of a girl who unintentionally used incorrect English during a news coverage of a private TV channel.

In case, the footage missed your eyes, here it is:

It was just a matter of time and the news went viral all across the web, with people ruthlessly making fun of the girl with trolls and memes. As soon as the social media was bombarded, we came across news stating that the young girl has gone into depression with her behaviour even turning into suicidal. As revealed via friend through an interview, the girl who went to Murree for a trip with college had to confine herself to home due to increasing sarcastic fame. This became a major case of innocence turned into a matter of joke without any fear of consequence!

Considering this matter, Ushna Shah, for the first time made a video on Facebook raising voice against all the cyber-bullies. The actress said that people who are making fun of a young girl, just for the sake of a mere incorrect phrase should be ashamed of themselves. She further said that it is not the girl’s ignorance but their insecurities speaking.

She also encouraged the girl to come out and face the world, as she did nothing wrong and not having command over English is not something that should bow someone’s head with shame.

Ushna Shah’s video is encouraging. It is refreshing to see someone raising voice against the brutal society; who finds comfort in playing with the lives and peace of people.

Its a wake-up call for all those who find comfort in mocking others. Wake up and get a life! Do not exploit the lives of innocent people.

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