“We’ve been separated since July 2015” – Azfar




“I have divorced my now ex-wife Naveen Waqar. We’ve been separated since July 2015 and then I filed for divorce which came through in November.” 

Azfar told the media. He also said that his fans should know about the divorce since they both are known personalities and their marriage was quite a hype and talk of the town. He didn’t want to be the victim and neither did he want anyone to talk about them and spread rumors, so he himself came forward and broke the news to media.

“I also chose to do this (disclose the news) because a lot of people are calling me and inviting us to their shows for a joint interview. I want everybody to know, once and for all, that we have separated and there is no need for this.” He further added.

With Naveen, It was Azfar’s second unsuccessful marriage. Previously, Azfar was married to Salma Hassan for 11 years, with whom he has a daughter, and then Salma divorced him. Seems like, poor Azfar has a bad luck in marital affairs.




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