Where is our society heading to?

Ever thought why our youth is so inspired by the people showing off their body and idolize them? The answer is really simple! Our youth has been so involved in social media that they tend to opt whatever they see trending around. To be the popular one in your friend circle girls have stressed themselves about being “bikini-ready” every spring when the bathing suit fashion shows would hit the stands. and boys would do anything for those extra pushups after seeing Wolverine’s abs. Thanks to photo-centric social media like instagram, snapchat and most importantly our own fashion divas, what to do when kids are exposed to a constant drumbeat of bikini bodies, six pack abs, and having that right hair 24/7. Our celebs being the idol for youth has actually inspired them in the worst way and provoked them to show off their body as much as they can just to be in the trend setter list and be the popular one. But don’t you think it’s too much for a society like ours? Aren’t those divas supposed to set examples for youth in a best way motivating them towards positivity, confidence, self love for all shapes, sizes, colors etc. But unfortunately that’s not the case. Our society has accepted the fact of showing off their body at its peak to be called as “grooving”.
I am leaving a question mark for all of you right there, do you really think exposing body would lead you somewhere good or can even help you attain your any of your goal? why can’t we accept the fact that we are unique in our way we don’t need these cheap acts to attain our goals or to be the famous one. We need to work hard to succeed and become famous, not by exposing oneself and get what we want!


FHM Pakistan

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