Who Will Be The New Faces Of Fashion Pakistan Council?

Since 2007, Pakistan’s Fashion industry has taken a positive u-turn for the showcasing of the talent and creativity in the fashion industry by organizing bi-annual Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) with good sponsors and designers, but in the recent past FPW has failed to amaze the audience as the fashion on the catwalk hasn’t been that great. Critiques aimed the industry as a whole rather than just one FPW, more plagiarism and mundane designs has brought down the level of FPW as compared to the fashion weeks in Lahore.

Its been a while that there was something going on within FPC and it does not look in the best shape at the moment. Due to uncertainty in the air, Wardha Saleem, the council’s CEO, and Sanam Chaudhri, the Chairperson, resigned from their designations, ending a tenure that began in 2013. Though they were to be replaced after the elections which are to be held after two months from now.  It doesn’t really make sense to step down when knowing the fact that you are to be replaced by someone else soon.


Maheen Khan, who is heading the council with Deepak Perwani until the new CEO and Chairperson is announced said that “It was something that we could see coming for quite some time now.” She also said that,

“I believe that they resigned due to irreconcilable differences of opinion about their management of the council amongst FPC’s board of directors. But I could be wrong as I am not privy to the board’s minutes. In the interim period, before the new Chairperson and CEO are elected, Deepak Perwani and myself will be heading the council.”

Let us all just hope that all this chaos doesn’t lead to the delay for Autumn/Winter edition for FPW. And if their difference of opinion has given council a bad shape, new elected CEO and Chairperson could actually make a positive difference and throw  a splendid not-so-mundane show this year.

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