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Why print advertising continues to thrive even in an age of new media?

As Pakistan’s history has progressed the advertising sector has undergone various changes and the consumer patterns have changed drastically as well. Pakistan’s economy has also undergone several changes.

Regardless, the print industry has continued to thrive and maintained its position. It not only is the main source of providing news but also a medium through which consumers gain important information. Be it real estate, brands, beauty, lifestyle or education etc.

Moreover, Pakistan’s advertising landscape has gone through a drastic change after the introduction of new media. Initially, it was radio stations that were at hype and booming, than can televisions, mobile phones and social media. However, till date print hasn’t lost its significance and it wouldn’t as it’s highly linked to the wider world.

Despite these shifts in the media industry, the amount of content available in print is massive and diverse. There are also new ideas and information which flows. Even though new media is used commonly, the print is flourishing and it is not only visible to naked eye but also easily available for delivering the required results.

Let’s imagine a world without advertisement, businesses would never get a real chance to expand. There would be no attention and engagement driven, people would miss events and important deals. Print publications focus on providing readers an engaging magazines and experience, it generates high-quality content.

Brands and important personalities who use social media also realize the importance of print because they know the impact it has. New products launched or lines are covered as well and the word gets our easily. Through print magazine you create trust and generate loyalty. It is best for local targeting and everyone gets an idea about what’s in the market and trending.

It’s true through digital you can air TV commercials but while it comes for a few moments and specific time, print always exists. It is always present and is a record for advertisers. Print has a relatively loyal and long term clientele. It requires full attention of readers compared to digital media. Print will always have undivided attention and focus of the readers.

Not just that, Pakistani consumers have also evolved through years. The advertising industry is moving on a rapid pace and providing multiple opportunities to target consumers. Yet, people equally prefer print. As it’s Pakistan’s oldest advertising industry and has still created jobs and revenue for everyone. People prefer reading early in the morning and they do exactly that. Print touches people and reaches out to many leaving an impact on a lot and developing loyalty.


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