Here is the world’s most expensive song ever!

Here is the world's most expensive song ever!

Hollywood’s upcoming movie “Beauty and the beast” features the most expensive song ever shot, which is “Be our guest”. According to the director of the movie Bill Condon, this song has cost 10 million dollars which turned out to be the most expensive song.

In an interview the director Bill Condon said:

“I asked someone to add it up and that three-and-a-half minutes cost more than [Mr Holmes, his 2015 Sherlock Holmes film]. I dare to say it’s the most expensive musical number ever shot.”

The song is a live action and much of the sequences have been heavily CGI animated. It is led by Candelabra Lumiere, played by Ewan McGregor in the new adaption, as his fellow dining utensils sing and dance for Belle (Emma Watson) in the Beast’s castle.

This new movie “Beauty and the Beast” is the remake of the classsical animated movie which was released in 1991 with the same name. After 26 years, this new movie which is a live action will replicate the songs and music. The new movie features “Emma Watson” as belle, and Dan Stevens as Beast. Luke Evans , Sir Ian Mckellen and Emma Thompson will also be seen in pivotal roles.


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