Zahid Ahmed shares details of horrific nose job

Pakistani actor Zahid Ahmed is known for taking on challenging roles, ever since his debut in Alvida. But recently he was being noticed for something else: a bad nose job.

In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, the actor shared his horrific rhinoplasty experience. He went under the knife two years ago.

“I want to tell everyone today about one thing: how did I commit this stupidity, ingratitude, selfishness and this sin,” said Ahmed.

He said that the soul made him many wrong things and he became very ungrateful and did not like the shape of his nose. He added that he felt this this was a “defect”.

According to the actor, he developed a complex when he was doing great in his career. He said that he felt that the left side of his face didn’t look good on the camera.

“I’d see an impact on my performance when the camera was at a certain angle. I felt that the left side of my nose was different from the right side of my nose. So whenever the angle would switch to that side, I’d get very conscious and nervous about it,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed added that he would request directors to avoid shots where the left side of his face was shown. He told fans that his “directors used to recommend that I should work more my performance than to think about such baseless things.”

The actor claimed that he thought of undergoing rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery of the nose which is performed by thousands of people in the world.

He shared that he was told that it would take six months for the nose to heal but that is when his worst nightmare came to life.

“Maybe it was because I did not take good care of it [nose] post-surgery or maybe Allah did not approve of it. My case turned out to be a complete disaster and it is the reason that I am making this video,” said Ahmed.

He remarked that his nose job was so bad that his social media account were flooded with comments and messages about what happened to his face. “One should not talk about their sins, but this was something that could not be hidden anymore,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed revealed that after six months, his nose was in the worst shape possible and he had to go under the knife again to fix the damage. The second surgery took him a year to heal. “My nose is still nowhere near the original but thanks to Allah that there were no hurdles in my work and in my career,” said Ahmed.

“The reason of this video is to make you realize that things can go wrong.” He urged fans to think before going for any body modifications.

He concluded the video by requesting fans to not change their features as “Allah made you perfect”. He also thanked his doctor, Arafat Javed, for helping him fix his nose.


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