10 IN’s and OUT’s, Find OUT!!!

Every year there’s a drastic change of trending stars but after a decade the legacy changes and here we have researched about the people from different stars in every profession in our industry who are “IN” and “OUT”.

Scroll down to find out who are top trending and who are OUT!

1.      NABILA             SABS 

2.     Sajjal Aly       Sohai Ali 

3.         Elan            Karma

4. Sadaf Kanwal     Ayyan Ali

5.  PR company     Self PR

6.     SHAZAD         ABBAS

7. Nabeel Qureshi     Syed Noor

8.    Humayun              Mohib

9. Abdullah Harris   Khawer Riaz

last but not the least…..




10. MAHIRA            Meera Gee




Hanish Qureshi

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