10 Style tips for shorter men( what looks good on them?)


firstly let’s make one thing clear, there is nothing wrong with being short. After all, height is one of many things in life that we cannot control. No one does anything to “earn” their height, or lack of height. It’s just your genetic hand being processed, so we love you! In other words, I think we all agree that our clothes should enhance our appearance and modify our figure, rather than make us look shorter and/or stronger.

having said that, there are tons of ways you can dress up to ensure that you are the most stylish man in the room.

The golden rule for short dressing is to take your attention away from your small figure. This means minimizing unnecessary details and pendants on clothes and creating an overall stylish appearance. Think of it as streamlined; limit pockets on coats and shirts and large accessories (such as watches and ties). In this way, bystanders can scan your body from top to bottom without being attracted by “busy” details or things that “cut” your appearance in half. Let’s take a look at five key tips for dressing short.

To reduce the visual busyness, monochromatic or loose tones help to create a streamlined appearance. Bold colour blocks are not an option for short people because they actually cut your body in half-accentuating your thick legs or short torso (or both). When thinking about “monochrome”, darker tones (navy, black, charcoal) are even better, as the darker colour extends from the shoe to the collar, it will increase the appearance of mixed height.

Other than this right haircut will ensure that you look taller and stylish, choosing a haircut can be a difficult process, after all, there are so many options and variations, it is easy to get confused. Here is how can avoid those rookie mistakes and pick a hairstyle that makes you look taller.

Pompadour-A bouffant hairstyle is characterized by length and volume at the top, swept-back, while the sides and back are either smooth or short. Think of Elvis Presley.

Quiff or Undercut-The distinguishing characteristics of these two cuts are the shorter skin fading on the sides and back, and the longer cut on the top. The quiff is usually slightly longer at the top and blown out. Think of Pinky Blinders.

High and tight-this is the eternal classic used by the military to convey strength and strength. The same skin on the sides and back fades, and the length at the top is longer, drawing the eyes upward.

When wearing coloured or duotones, short people need to keep the colours and light colours on top. To maintain a vertical line-from toe to head-mix light and bright shirts with black or navy bottoms. We like navy blue with white and dark grey with red. And try to use colours—but use darker shades—such as masala, plum, mustard, and olive. Accessories are your chance to add colour to a darker look (think square scarves and ties but avoid long scarves). Finally, matching the colour of the pants to the colour of the shoes is a visual technique; it blends the two together-preventing your legs from appearing to be cut, so they look longer.



Usman Ghani

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