10 Things that happen when you’ve been single for too long!

Being single is one of those things that could be both exhilarating and mortifying at the same time! It comes with many phases though, and you really get good at it by time. Well, at least when you’re not panicking. Here are 10 things that happen when you’ve been single for too darn long!

You’ve gotten so good at being the “Third wheeler”

Being single for too long teaches you that you have to get out of your home at some point, and since all your friends are happily dating, you start to master the art of being a third wheeler. No, it’s fine. You guys hug it out, and I’ll just pretend I don’t exist.

Your friends gave up on the idea of you ever dating

It’s funny really, but when your friends talk about the possibility of leaving their boyfriends or divorcing their husbands in the future, they think of you as the person who will be there for them. After all, you’ll be forever alone. It’s not like you’d be busy hanging out with your SO!

Even Facebook knows you’re single!

Admit it. the “Young, Hot and Single” articles keep popping up on your home page. As if you needed another reminder to know that you’re single!

You’ve mastered the arts of posing for group photos alone. *Sad life*

Okay. All of you lovey dovey couples stand there, and I’ll just stand here and pretend like I’m a potato.

You no longer understand the concept of flirting

Flirting has become a really hard math equation that you can never solve. When a guy gives you a compliment, you don’t know what to do with it. He says you’re beautiful, you scream happy birthday! For all you know the guy could be giving you 50 hints that he likes you, and you still have no clue.

You catch yourself overly comfortable in doing couple-y activities alone

Going to the movies alone is now in your DNA. You find it weird when your friends wait for their boyfriends to try out this new spot or restaurant. You’ve mastered the art of doing things solo, and you find absolutely no shame in it.

A part of you is pretty content with being single and doesn’t want it to change ever

You can’t help but look at how most of the people around you are in relationships that make them absolutely miserable. You start to really appreciate your freedom and how strong and independent you’ve become.

But you still you keep trying to put yourself out there

The other part of you that is hideously bored and alone is still trying to meet someone and have one of these nauseous relationships everyone keeps talking about! All these movies about romance must know what they’re talking about.

You’ve turned into an awful cynic

Every time a friend talks to you about love or relationships, you just want to scream at the top of your lungs IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK OUT! LOVE IS DEAD

You’re the go to person for advice when your friends are thinking of breaking up

You find yourself bombarded with all these questions from your friends about how is it like to walk this life alone, or if not being in a relationship is the end of the world! No bit*h, it isn’t. I’ve been doing it for years now!





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