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Weird yet Interesting: 10 things we had no idea about till last week

We just wrapped up the first week of 2017 and we already have a lot of big affairs, hot happenings and sad news from around the world. However, there are weird and quirky findings that we came across last week too.

So, let’s have a look at the top 10 things that we had no idea about till last week:

Email Errors:

The emails you send on Mondays are more prone to grammatical blunders than those you send on other days of the week. Well, weekend takes a toll on everyone.

Royal Swedish Ghosts:

The Queen of Sweden thinks that her safe haven, Royal Palace, is haunted by ghosts seeking some sort of revenge.

Apple Perks:

Window shoppers and visitors can use a display computer in Apple store all day long and no store employee will ever ask the users to stop or to leave the store.

Train Chronicles:

China and East London are far, far away. But, it is possible to take the train from Yiwu, Eastern China all the way to Barking, East London.

Conspicuous British Government:

The British Government is of the view that the mainstream populace has about £433m of pound coins hoarded in their homes. Weird enough?

Killer Toddlers:

At least one person in the US is killed through the gunshot by a toddler.

Atheist Congressman:

Out of all the Congressmen, only one member of the US Congress is identified or publicly declared as an atheist or a person who doesn’t follow any religion.

New Organ:

A completely NEW organ was discovered in human body. What was previously considered as 78, has now been upgraded to 79 with a new digestive organ recently discovered, in the tow.

Chicken But NO Chicken:

The most famous savory herb eaten throughout Australia with chips is Chicken Salt. And, shockingly, this Chicken salt contains no chicken.

Alien Hand & Body Discovered:

An ‘Alien Hand & body remains’ were discovered from a Peruvian cave by Cusco, situated South East of Peru. It was concluded that the species were unearthly and had been buried in the same place for some years.

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