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100 Middle Schools To Be Established In Balochistan

100 Middle Schools To Be Established In Balochistan

Education is basically a process either to gain the knowledge or deliver it. A process which just brings positive impact on an individual with not a single negative impact. Education molds a person completely and give him the ability to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. It gives you the courage to speak and put your point forward with confidence. Education enables an individual to face the world and welcome new opportunities. With the help of education, one gets completely groomed and it clearly shows if the person is educated by how he speaks, talks, eats and sit.

Talking about Pakistan, education here is pretty much not taken seriously and especially, for girls. People here doesn’t understand the true essence of having a proper education because for them, it’s either a waste of time or waste of money. They don’t believe in having a degree to earn a living. Education helps a person in many ways, some of them are:

  • Helps with employment opportunities
  • Helps with critical thinking abilities
  • Increase of productivity
  • Helps with economy improvement
  • Return to the community
  • Secured future
  • Financial independence
  • Courage and confidence
  • Self-grooming
  • Many opportunities
  • Poverty reduction

Education sector in Balochistan is not quite good as 60-70% of kids are out of school, with the literacy rate of 46%. The education sector in Balochistan is totally ignored by the govt. However, Balochistan is blessed with many rich resources and is the richest province of Pakistan. Apart from all the nature gifts, it still lacks in many sectors of development. Baloch tribe doesn’t believe in getting education done of their children, because they think, they have enough money to survive for the next seven generations. But they don’t realize that education is just not about money but a lot more than that. the school, college which are display within the area appear an awful picture to the students as the foremost of school lacks legitimate offices, toilets, classrooms, boundaries, divider and clean drinking water. As there are 36% of schools denied from water, 56% schools have no power and 15% of schools have turned into phantom schools. This show that the government has completely overlooked instruction within the territory. Besides, colleges, universities and schools are the places where students can make a perusing environment. But the nearness of phantom instructors has devastated much of the schools. Additionally, here the students are as well baffled as they cannot make any instructive environment. The youth are pondering with scattered dreams and their lives are as well crushed. Absenteeism rate of teachers there is also quite high.

However, Balochistan secretary Sher Khan Bazai, recently announced the opening of 100 middle schools. Govt of Balochistan has now taken some good steps in the education sector as they have begun to establish and upgrade around 198 schools in the province to ensure a better and secure education system for the children of province. We are really looking forward to this great initiative taken by Govt of Balochistan. Lets hope for better tomorrow!

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